Website Design & Development

Let us work together to build you a site which clearly conveys your product, service or idea. We provide you with a quality website at a great price, without hassle. We work with you to create a custom design that reflects your brand and identity. We apply technical skills and creative problem solving to develop elegant website solutions using the Latest Technologies such as: HTML5/CSS3/Flash, Joomla 3.x/JavaScript/Java/ SQL and the most powerful tools that advanced web development has to offer.

Our Web Design Process

At Marin Web Tech we start all of our projects the same way - with the final objective in mind. We will work with you to define the goals of your website and craft everything to achieve them. If you are seeking a website to sell products online, get more leads for a service you offer or appear more credible and professional than your competition, we will help you develop a strategy and provide the technical tools to achieving success.

Web Design Goals and Strategy

It’s important to define what you would consider success for your project or promotion. Success could be a 10% increase in traffic to your website or selling 100 units of your product every week. It could be to raising the number of leads you receive through your online form. Whatever it might be for you, we will take your definition - then we will work with you to determine how we can help you achieve it. You will need to define your audience and the information they will need to make a decision in your favor, then we can show you how to organize your site so that content is easy to find and fulfillment is just a click away.

Web Design Sketches

We usually create simple black and white design sketches and side flow diagrams to help us in the creative process and to communicate our ideas more clearly to you. Site usability and accessibility are key factors in our design process. During the sketching process we step back and outline each page, to evaluate placement, navigation and user experience, all key factors in using our skills and your ideas to achieve the best design for your project.

Web Design Final Implementation

After you approve the sketches, we'll create the details of the design including colors, icons, graphics and layout. This is when your website will turn into a piece of functional art. We submit the site during construction for your approval and once completed we show you how to use the back-end interface to update your articles, blog posts, events and other content. We always perform full usability testing, guaranty our work and provide ongoing support.