Social Media & Email Marketing

Social media and online marketing are techniques used to attract the right kinds of traffic and turning those visitors into leads. We start by identifying your overall business objectives and metrics for success based on an in-depth analysis of your audience and your competitors. Then we’ll outline a strategy for achieving your goals through a variety of digital marketing outlets and materials. A complete analysis of your current search engine positions, website traffic and conversion rates will provide insights into where we should start and a baseline from which we will measure success.

Website Optimization

Because the basis of any Internet marketing strategy is your website, the most important tasks to focus on initially include optimizing your site for search engines and developing a strategy for continually improving your ranking over time. From ensuring search-engine friendly code to proper keywords to providing clear calls to action and conversion funnels, we will perform a complete review of your website and make all the necessary updates to lay the foundation for your long-term strategy.

Reporting & Analytics

Web analytics is about far more than watching your traffic and website statistics climb over time. Success in online marketing demands constant review and analysis of visitor behavior and data-driven optimization based on those reports. We supply reports and a summary of your progress as well as a complete analysis with insights for continual improvement. We offer updates based on these data to ensure you get the most from your Internet marketing strategy.


Internet Marketing Services

Using visual tools like animation you can drive traffic to your site and quickly communicate your product or message to your potential clients more effectively then with static web pages. Having catchy content in places like YouTube and Facebook can open new markets and attract a new set of customers. We have many years of experience in quickly communicating an animated message in that critical first few seconds when people are most attentive.


Email Marketing

The benefits of email marketing are endless, but implementing successful email campaigns requires an understanding of your audience and their expectations. We offer consulting services including campaign audits for identifying issues and improving your current strategies as well as campaign visioning and development to achieve long-term goals. We use the latest tools of Constant Contact to build sophisticated and effective email marketing campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

With many years of helping clients to maintain their professional presence on Facebook and Linkedin we have become skilled in understanding the use of social dynamics needed to get our clients noticed. We also can create ads for Facebook to target specific groups of customers.