Mobile Development

REPLACE THIS TEXT Social media and online marketing are techniques used to attract the right kinds of traffic and turning those visitors into leads. We start by identifying your overall business objectives and metrics for success based on an in-depth analysis of your audience and your competitors. Then we’ll outline a strategy for achieving your goals through a variety of digital marketing outlets and materials. A complete analysis of your current search engine positions, website traffic and conversion rates will provide insights into where we should start and a baseline from which we will measure success.

 Defining Your Goals for Mobile Applications

When establishing a mobile strategy, it is important to know your overall objectives. We will work with you to outline exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your mobile application and how we can help you achieve those goals. During this process, we’ll discuss who will be using your application, how they will use it and possible devices it will be used on. This will ensure the final product aligns with your priorities and meets your needs.

Offering an iPhone application for your website, product, or service is a great way to market and connect with new prospects. A mobile app can allow them to use your services wherever they are, even if they don’t have internet or wireless access. The Apple platform is ideal for creating intuitive interfaces and beautiful applications. When most people think ‘mobile app development’, they are thinking about Apple’s iPhone and iPad.


Android Application Development

The Google Android platform is the fastest growing mobile platform, and is available on a variety of networks and carriers. These devices are powerful, affordable and easy to find.

We develop a mobile applications that are usually graphically oriented supporting both Android and iOS that are done in the same style as your web site. We also build Virtual Reality based Unity games supporting Oculus and Google Cardboard style products.

Virtual Reality is up-coming market with matches strongly with areas of our expertise is stereoscopic rendering, especially in the mobile market. We have worked with the industry leading firms of this industry going back to the 1970's, we entered this space in it's infancy during the late 1990's, and we are now highly skilled & proficient and well positioned for this ripe technology. Virtual Reality is scheduled to finally come to maturity in 2016, we are already hard at work building support for our clients to be to quickly take advantage of this space for all sorts of applications. We are developing strategic alliances with leading technology innovators, and our networking in this sector can quickly bring you in.

If you have ideas or would like to discuss this market to get our view on how this could benefit you please inquire, we'll share our information and market insight, and possibly connect you with ourpartnerships.