Mobile Development

In order to monetize content and create sales for your business, we have built a way for you to reach your audience directly and build a customer following though a mobile application. With our mobile application designed around your business objectives it will allow your followers to constantly receive updates through personal messages, live this marketing strategy. Your success and the effectiveness of the application will be measured through in-app and website analytics, and the revenue generated.

We can create a mobile application that has the ability to monetize your content.

Through the mobile application, your customers can easily purchase your items for sale without the use of credit cards. Since the mobile application is constructed through the phone system, or the application store, there will be no need for the customer to constantly re-enter their credit card information while being billed for your content. The mobile application is a secure way to sell your idea, product or service with ease for the publisher and customer.

Offering an iPhone or Android application for your website, product or service is a great way to market and connect with new business prospects. This platform will allow your ideas to come to life in an innovative way while being able to connect to your audience through a large scale service.

User Options

The user will be able to set up notifications for your application once downloaded to their device. This will allow the user to be constantly updated with these personalized messages from your individual application.

Publisher Options

As the publisher, you will have access to the backend of the mobile application. You will have the control to publish and create content that will be sent to your consumers per your request. Daily messages, videos or audio recordings can be premade and constructed to send out to your followers.

Use Case Scenarios

Yoga Studio

A yoga company and wants to sell videos that he has made without having his followers go through the trouble to download a separate link to access his content. They want to offer a place where all the videos live and even offer a weekly progress counter when his clients watch and follow an instructed yoga video. The app allows them this flexibility. MarinWebTech can program a counter inside their app so each time a client watches a yoga video it is tracked and at the end of the week they will be able to see his product engagement. The app sends this data back to the studio so they can see which videos are used the most, how many clients watch them and on which days, and they can adjust their new yoga videos accordingly.

Meditation Classes

A meditation studio and wants to provide their followers with daily messages of positivity and encouragement. In order to interact with their followers, the studio can program messages on the day of or in advance of when they would want them released. Through the back end of the app, They can personalize and store meditation messages. The studio can track engagement with their followers through the app and create content that will push their businesses messaging and services forward.