Graphic Design & 3D Animation

We offer a full range of graphic design services that supports the creation of powerful and meaningful website designs. This can include building assets like logo and branding designs, brochures and other print material, and diagrams or charts that help relay your ideas. This can add the style and lunch that really makes a website or mobile application stand out, people are very visual and this is one of the most important elements in any project.

In addition to traditional graphic design we also offer 3D graphics and animations on projects that range from adding a special touch to a logo or splash screen or opening website animation, complex interface designs, all the way to simulations and interactive environments. With the web quickly embracing 3D technology this can become a way to strongly relay to your clients and customers that you are on top of the market, and bring a level of sophistication to your project.

If you are interested in including photography and video production into your project, we offer a full range of services with the focus to be optimized for the web or print. Please ask us if you would like to see samples and discuss this type of content, there are very few website development companies that have experience in this type of production and we've got over 8 years in this area of the industry alone!

Here you can see a few examples of projects that we have completed over the years, spanning a wide range of topics, from medical device simulations to video games and artistic expression for a variety of clients. Our list of clients includes individuals, small businesses and organizations, and major production studios.

  • Essence of Illumination

    Essence of Illumination

    Essence of Illumination is a virtual reality experience we created where you can explore underwater ruins and a coral reef.
  • Spiritual Prosperity Center

    Spiritual Prosperity Center

    An animation that was created for the website of a spiritual healing center. We wanted to create something that would have a natural handmade feel to it.
  • Castle


    This scene of a medieval castle was created for IDT, the chip manufacturer that build some of the early 3D graphics processors. Here we demonstrated many effects of 3D graphics like water, volume, lights, and particle effects used in the torches, reflections on the floor, and advanced texture effects. This scene was built to run in real-time.
  • Star Trek

    Star Trek

    This project for Paramount Pictures was the first video game for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We were responsible for all the cinematics and game effects, so we pioneered the abilities of 3D Studio Max and worked directly with the development team at Autodesk, which supported us in generating the best-of-kind effects at that time. This project later became the focus of a cover article for 3D Design Magazine, and for lectures at the 3D Design Conference held in San Francisco.
  • Kitchen


    We created this kitchen model to be used for the keynote presentation at a Salesforce conference.
  • How Things Work VR

    How Things Work VR

    How Things Work VR is an educational application that teaches the inner workings of a combustion engine. Created to be used as intuitive way to learn.
  • Lantropolis


    Lantropolis was a 20 min. animated sales and education tool created for Intel, and at that time was one of the largest projects of its kind later winning the Gold Invision Award from New Media Magazine, their highest honor. This project included significant character animation, large scale rendering farms and the coordination of three separate contracting firms. We were brought into the project to manage the more challenging effects and to manage the teams directly. We were responsible for the final rendering, editing, and mastering.
  • Brain Voyagers

    Brain Voyagers

    Brain Voyagers is a skill biased game designed to heighten your reflexes and focus.
  • Medical


    These two projects are a quick demonstration of our experience with medical simulations, both included studio production with live actors and 3D animation. Sulcabrush on the left is a broadcast TV commercial, and on the right, BoneHog, a revolutionary bone marrow extraction device.
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